DIFFUSER Céramique Refill

DIFFUSER Céramique Refill

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The DIFFUSER Céramique Refill is for the lovers of fragrance who wish to seek instant perfume gratification; beautiful aromas promptly delighting your senses & refreshing your space.

Our diffusers are elegant, minimal & sophisticated.

Arriving packaged with a recycable & refillable glass 200ml bottle of your chosen scent for diffuser, & 3 large reed diffuser sticks. 

Simply pour your fragrance bottle into your Ceramique vessel & add your reed sticks - we recommend turning your reed sticks every 2-3 weeks for maximum scent throw.

This contains fragrance & reed sticks ONLY.


Supplied with 200ml of your chosen scent & 3 white reed sticks
Store fragrance bottles in a cool, dark place for extended life
use within 12M

200ml | 3 months scent throw apprx

We invite you to discover your chosen scent.

With love, MM.