Composed from an infatuation with fragrance, a lasting love affair with literature, a deep adoration of flowers, & an uncompromising vision of creation. In a world of emotion, intuition, memories & fantasy— the creation, composition, packaging design & story of METAMELBOURNE was born.

Designed & handmade in Melbourne, influenced by a fascination with metamorphosis; to change completely the nature or appearance of; to change into a different form; to transmute.

We feel earth to be a chrysalis & the process of metamorphose reminds us powerfully of what is within. How we came into this world, what we then created to shield ourselves & the growth we endured that changed us — undergoing a deep experience leading to a whole new capacity & perception, ultimately becoming the beautiful, magnificent beings we are.

METAMELBOURNE embodies the process through our home creations. Our vessels come packaged with our signature seedling-embedded paper lovingly created in our studio for you to grow once you have finished lighting your candle for the last time. 

Founded in two thousand & twenty, METAMELBOURNE is built around sustainable & environmentally conscious principles. We proudly use local & Australian suppliers wherever possible. All creations are handmade to order in our studio, individually blended & poured. We use pre-loved books to create our seedling paper, our wrapping, love letters & envelopes. Our packaging design is created with entirely recycled materials & free of plastics. We use 100% natural soy wax & naturally-GMO free organic oils. Vegan, cruelty-free & our products contain no parabens, paraffin or phthalates.

We create with passion, with love & with gratitude; without inhibition - in a way that feels natural to us, feels good to us & feels authentic to us. 

METAMELBOURNE reminds us; through fire, we grow. 

Artwork by Daniel Hillier.

May you burn brightly & bloom,

With love, MM.

Photography by Maddison O'Brien & https://anonymousc.com.au/