Whether it be for yourself, or to celebrate, thank or surprise someone... METAMELBOURNE creations are the perfect gift. Our decorative & fragrance diffusing creations procure multi-sensory luxury & aesthetic pleasure. Lovingly created in our studio, wrapped in black & sealed with a flower wax stamp. 

Personalize your purchase;


Further enhance the METAMELBOURNE experience with a hand written love note. Designed to be framed, an elegant keepsake combining both art & literature.

Artwork by Melbourne artist @allyroseartworks.


A natural piece of linen wraps your chosen creation, tied with an everlasting handmade flower bouquet; offering an utterly beautiful unwrapping experience.


Our linen wrap & flower bouquet with the addition of White Sage.

Singular stems are to be removed from the bouquet & burnt for cleansing & grounding rituals. Organically grown & harvested in Melbourne by @sagedreamingaus.

White Sage is a herb, oozing spirituality & calm, used within the practice of smudging - designed to cleanse one's space & dispel negative energies; providing protection & blessings.

With love, MM.