The flowers in our METABLOOM_Zodiac Collection are inspired by each of the Zodiacs colour palette.
Each of us are born under Zodiac signs, with our sun, moon & rising dominating & affecting our personalities, colors also affect people very differently & have unique effects on our emotions & moods. 
This makes it possible to correlate the sequence of colors in the visible spectrum of light with each of these astrological signs as well as one of the elements - fire, water, earth & air.


Our METABLOOM__AIR Collection offers dried flower arrangements in our hand-painted in studio, textured off-white vessels. The flowers in our AIR Collection are inspired by the palettes. The AIR Signs Gemini_Libra_Aquarius - are the thinkers, communicators, & doers of the zodiac. They analyze, synthesize, & probe.



The Dreamer, Aquarius, are ready to take to the sky. Drawn to colours that are modern, chic & dreamy; because you belong in the sky, think of all the colours that you will discover there. Our palette reflects the way light interact with the clouds & the sky. Soft blues, misty purples & silver linings.

You are not one to stick to the traditional rules on anything. You are drawn to colors that not only stand out from the norm but that also inspire you. Your creativity knows no bounds.


Naturally creative, you are drawn to colours that symbolize creation. Energetic Geminis might be drawn to tropical colors—bright yellows, oranges, and greens.  Geminis are mostly associated with the color yellow.

Your bright and sunny personality lights up any room you’re in, so it makes sense that you would incorporate that concept into any place you are in. Yellows not only carry definitions of happiness & optimism but also help you focus on new ideas & confidence.


Gentle and intelligent, Libras are constantly looking for harmony & symmetry in life. Libras ideal colors match their harmonious & balanced aesthetic. You aren’t afraid to embrace your idealistic side, Libra.

You have an energy that promotes harmony & unity but also aspires to be sophisticated in the process. Shades of lavender, along with touches of creme & blush pink, likely will permeate your home. Lavender is representative of loving beautiful things, as well as expressing sensitivity. Pink radiates empathy & romance. 


Our METABLOOM__WATER Collection offers dried flower arrangements in our hand-painted in studio, textured gray vessels. The WATER Signs — Cancer_Scorpio_Pisces — tend to be emotional & intuitive. Water is the most YIN of the elements — the most feminine, the most passive, the most receptive, the most hidden.



Your mystical & emotional Pisces, drawn to yellow, a color of cheer & optimism. Lavender & peach tones help you stay on the brighter side of life. You are a dreamy romantic, you like soft hues, but ones that make you feel free & connected to the world around you.

No one would be surprised to see you drawn to sea foam green or even lavender. Lighter shades of green bring to mind healing & fresh starts. You embrace colors that feel open & carefree while also bringing to mind that daydream type of mysticism that encapsulates your personality so well.


Moonchild, your caring & sensitive nature is drawn to colors that represents the ebb & flow of the tide. Although water might seem calm, remember there is strength in a current. Your zodiac colour palette reflects the ocean & sunsets. 

You have a calming & comforting presence that surrounds you, Cancer. You want others to feel at home when they are with you. You move towards lighter, cooler tones given your desire to bring a lightness into the lives of those you love. Blue tends to represent communication and honesty, & lighter tones exhibit selfless love & nurturing qualities. 


The Scorpio personality is one of the most passionate, naturally drawn to strong, sexy, deep colours. You are passionate, Scorpio, & everyone knows it. You may find yourself turning towards darker colors.

You are sparked by maroon & crimson tones, both known to give off a dominating atmosphere without being aggressive. You also are drawn to colors that show off your sensual & mysterious side.


Our METABLOOM__FIRE Collection offers dried flower arrangements in our hand-painted in studio, textured blush vessels. The FIRE Signs - Aries_Leo_Sagittarius - are ones of spontaneity, inspiration, intuition, & big passions.



Confident & sultry Aries, your passionate nature draws you to deep colors like orange, red, & eggplant. The Aries personality hails from Mars & is drawn to the colours that represent fire, & seeking off-whites & creams for calm.  

You don’t need colors to be bright, but you do need them to draw the eye. Going for a subdued yellow & orange makes sense, given their ability to reflect the energetic action of the mind & body. Pairing them with shades of red, they exude power & dominance & anchoring with a neutral grey, create a beautiful atmosphere.



Strong willed, self-starter Leo. Drawn to bold earthy colors, like you’re ruling planet. Think royalty reach for purples, golds, & red. You don’t have to try to make a statement when you walk into a room, but your personality does so anyway.

Your eye is often drawn to bold colors, often seen using toasty shades of orange incorporated with aspects yellow, or even gold. Orange inspires people & causes them to take action, as well as it promotes individuality & competitive nature. 


Drawn to a full spectrum of colour, often drawn to deep reds & blues if you're feeling like you need an extra burst of energy. You love being out in the world, Sagittarius.

Navy blues & darker greens seem to call your name, which is no shock given they are the most striking colors of the world in and of itself. Green is a color most associated with growth & self-reliance, which are two things you embody in an obvious way. Blue tends to represent honesty & truth.


Our METABLOOM__AIR Collection offers dried flower arrangements in our hand-painted in studio, textured terracotta nude vessels. The EARTH Signs - Taurus_Virgo_Capricorn - are the most grounded, they're known to be stable, pragmatic, & unwavering.



Pink is the colour for Taurus, with a palette natural earth colours but still remain tethered to the earth. Though you are often associated with earthy tones, you remind people more of floral gardens & brighter hues.

You have a playful aesthetic to your nature, so light shades of pink & pastel green bring to mind flowers blooming & natural beauty. Green tones bring to mind growth, while pink radiates love, & beauty. Adding pops of aquamarine & turquoise give the feel of luxury, & capping things off with a light brown helps to provide a foundation for all the dreamy tones. 


You are particular about the way you interact with the world. The colors that will help bring you calm are reserved colors like brown, grey & light colors like peach, light blue, green, & of course black. 

You are a grounded person, & you do your best to create a space that is the same for you to escape the world from. You find yourself reaching towards earthy tones, such as forest green or dark brown, to remind you that even when life is chaotic, there can still be a semblance of calm. Brown tones bring to mind structure & loyalty, while shades of green represent a goal of achievement & intelligence.


Contemplative Capricorn, so you're going to stick with colors that are practical, drawn to grey, khaki, & navy blue will help calm Capricorn. 

Your minimal nature is drawn to neutral colors that give off a calm demeanor, & they also point to being conservative in your emotions as well as your decisions. Despite their subtle nature, you are more than capable of being creative with the shades to form an interesting & eye-catching space. 


May you burn brightly & bloom.

With love, MM